Maryland Democratic Party Supports Inclusive Approach for Broadcast Primary Debates

Mar 29, 2018

Annapolis, MD — With 3 months until the Maryland gubernatorial primary, the Maryland Democratic Party is supporting ongoing discussions between the Democratic gubernatorial campaigns to create an inclusive broadcast primary debate schedule that will give voters maximum exposure to the Democratic candidates. 

Yesterday, representatives from the campaigns met at the Maryland Democratic Party headquarters and reached an agreement to guarantee participation for each candidate in any broadcast debates.  Under the terms of the agreement, the 9 Democratic gubernatorial candidates must be invited to all TV and radio debates, or no candidate will attend. 

Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews issued the following statement after the meeting:

“We have a very talented and diverse field of Democratic candidates for governor, and it is vital that voters have the opportunity to hear from all these candidates about their vision for the future of Maryland. With the Democratic Party’s unprecedented voter outreach and engagement program, we are already demonstrating how Larry Hogan has shortchanged Maryland and how Democrats provide a better path forward for our state. The Maryland Democratic Party is looking forward to a fair and open primary debate season, and supporting our candidates as they continue to discuss debate terms. Democrats will enter the general election ready and energized to take back the governor’s mansion and move our state forward.”

Additional Background on Yesterday’s Meeting:

Yesterday’s debate agreement does not cap the number of debates, nor does it impact the forum schedule.  Dozens of Democratic gubernatorial candidate forums have already been held and scheduled across the state by community organizations and other groups, giving voters the opportunity to hear from candidates in person.  The Maryland Democratic Party does not arrange forum schedules, but has agreed by request of the campaigns to coordinate with media outlets regarding the broadcast debate schedule.