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Maryland Democratic Party Lauds Senate Passage Of The American Rescue Plan

Mar 06, 2021

Maryland’s Democratic Senators Champion the Package

MARYLAND — Saturday, March 6th, Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis released the following statement after Senate Democrats passed President Biden’s American Rescue Plan:

“Today, Democrats in the United States Senate passed President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, a huge step towards getting relief to the American people and building our nation back better.

“Our nation faces a series of unprecedented crises; the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic fallout have exacted an incalculable toll on our state and our nation — Marylanders are out of work, small businesses are in peril, and families are struggling to put food on the table. The need for bold and aggressive COVID-19 relief could not be greater, and the American Rescue Plan will do just that. President Biden’s plan will complete the $2000 direct relief checks, extend unemployment benefits, provide aid to small businesses, fund vaccination and testing expansion, and support schools and school reopening.

“Biden pledged to build our nation back better — with today’s vote, he’s continued to make good on this pledge, and we see what a Democratic Congress and President can deliver for the American people.

“I’m proud of Maryland’s two Democratic Senators who voted to send this much-needed COVID-19 relief to the American people, and who have fought tirelessly for our state throughout this pandemic. We are well represented by them and are grateful for their leadership.

“It’s unfortunate no Republican Senators thought Americans should get help with these crises. This week has shown the sharp contrast between the two parties, while the Democratic Congress and President have delivered critical aid to the American people, the Republican Party has done nothing but obstruct and delay.”