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Larry Hogan: No Infrastructure Improvements for Marylanders in Need

May 14, 2021

Hogan Opposes President Biden’s American Jobs Plan

As President Biden meets with congressional leaders this week about the American Jobs Plan, Governor Larry Hogan continues to campaign against the President’s proposal to create jobs, repair Maryland’s roads and bridges, and combat climate change. Hogan attempted to justify his opposition to the President’s infrastructure plan in another national news outlet, calling the vital aid “a wish list.” Meanwhile, under Hogan’s watch, 2,201 miles of Maryland roads and 273 bridges have fallen into disrepair. Maryland drivers spend an additional $637 a year because of his leadership failure.

This isn’t the first time Hogan has opposed infrastructure projects that would help millions of Marylanders. He famously rejected federal funding for the Baltimore Red Line — a public transit project that would have been a massive boost to the city’s economy — and directed the funds into transportation projects near properties he owns.

“As he has done time and time again, Larry Hogan opposes President Biden’s infrastructure plan that will benefit everyone in Maryland. While Marylanders pay an additional $637 dollars a year because of his failures, Hogan’s top concern seems to only be his national media profile,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “For all his bluster about bipartisanship, Larry Hogan is once again siding with Washington Republicans in their opposition to this broadly popular proposal that will create millions of American jobs.”

President Biden’s $2 trillion American Jobs Plan would transform our current and future infrastructure, create millions of good-paying union jobs, fight climate change, and fundamentally improve life for Marylanders. It would be the largest investment in America since the construction of highways and the space race.