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Kelly Schulz Will Stand In The Way Of Progress For Maryland

Apr 14, 2021

MARYLAND — Today, Wednesday, April 14th, Kelly Schulz, a Republican, announced her candidacy for Governor of Maryland. Schulz, who attended a gala for former President Trump’s inauguration, is expected to be a frontrunner in the likely far-right Republican primary. 

“Maryland Democrats have consistently delivered results for our state, Kelly Schulz would be another obstructionist Republican standing in the way of progress for Marylanders. Our candidates will highlight the stark differences between the parties on the issues that matter, like health care, a strong economy, and the environment,” said Maryland Democratic Party Spokesperson Zachary Holman. “Unfortunately for Schulz, who celebrated former President Trump’s win at an inaugural gala, any Republican running for governor won’t be able to get away from Trump’s deeply unpopular and failed record. Given his overwhelming popularity with the Maryland GOP base, the primary will be defined by loyalty to the former president.” 

Maryland Democrats are heavily favored in the 2022 race, according to top election analysts Cook Political Report and Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball. These ratings come after Democratic President Biden won the state by the largest margin of any presidential candidate in history.