Hogan Silent as GOP Governors Call for Delay in Kavanaugh Vote

Sep 27, 2018

Annapolis, MD—The world is watching Maryland as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testifies before Congress about her traumatic memories of a sexual assault that took place while she was a high school student. While other Republican Governors have called for Senate Republicans to delay a vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court until there is an independent investigation into Dr. Ford’s accusations, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan refuses to say if he thinks the vote should be delayed or if the allegations against Kavanaugh warrant an independent investigation.

Today, Republican Governors Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and John Kasich of Ohio urged Senate Republicans to delay a vote on Kavanaugh and called for an independent investigation into the accusations against Kavanaugh.

Maryland Democratic Party chair Kathleen Matthews issued the following statement:

“Dr. Blasey Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are credible and extremely disturbing, and Governor Hogan should display the courage of fellow Republicans like John Kasich and Charlie Baker, who are calling on Senate Republicans to delay a vote on his nomination. Dr. Blasey Ford deserves an independent investigation into her credible and deeply disturbing accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

“Standing with survivors of sexual abuse and assault should rise above partisan politics, and Governor Hogan should have the strength to be the moral leader Marylanders need in this moment.”

Last week, after Senator Cheryl Kagan urged Governor Hogan to direct the Maryland State Police to investigate the credible allegations of sexual assault brought against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh by Dr. Blasey Ford, Hogan said the state police “will not be getting involved in this.”

The Republican Party has engaged in a concerted effort to target survivors, including this outrageous statement by President Trump: