Hogan Fundraising Off of Victims of Gun Violence in Baltimore

Sep 05, 2019

For Immediate Release 9/5/2019

Annapolis, MD– Maryland’s favorite self-proclaimed bipartisan governor, Larry Hogan, has spent the past month urging his supporters to contribute to his campaign account so that he can “fight back against career politicians who are denying the reality of Baltimore’s crime problem and obstructing Governor Hogan’s solutions.”

In an August 19th email titled “this might be politically incorrect,” Hogan’s campaign writes: 

“Since we emailed you last, six more people have been shot all in separate shootings in Baltimore… it’s despicable that career politicians who refuse to admit the truth because it’s not politically correct are blocking him.”

“How does a campaign contribution to Larry Hogan, who is term limited as governor, help stem violence in Baltimore,” asked Maryland Democratic Party Chair Maya Rockeymoore Cummings. “As a resident of Baltimore, I’m appalled at these solicitations. And judging from the subject line, Hogan’s team knew they were wrong for doing it– but that obviously didn’t stop them from fundraising off of the pain of Baltimore’s shooting victims and their loved ones.”

In a series of fundraising emails sent throughout August, Hogan’s campaign references violence in Baltimore, blames “career politicians” for being in denial, and touts a plan put forward by Hogan to address violent gun offenders.

Tellingly, the solicitations for campaign cash fail to mention that Hogan is withholding $7 million in crime fighting resources from the Baltimore Police Department that was appropriated by Democrats during the 2019 legislative session.

“The governor is complaining about crime outcomes in the City and blaming Democrats while he’s withholding millions in resources earmarked specifically for the police, and pushing for legislation that was already passed by Democrats in 2018.” Said Rockeymoore Cummings.

The Chair pointed to findings from the Maryland Department of Legislative Services that found if Hogan’s proposal would have been in effect in 2018, it would have meant longer sentences for just 13 gun offenders statewide.

“We will not let him tout redundant and ineffective bills, when Democrats have already done the legislative work to address the issue. We will not let him scold Democratic lawmakers over crime in the City, while he denies the City $7 million in crime fighting funds. And we will not let Hogan build his campaign war chest off the pain and suffering of gun violence victims– and the people who love them most.” Said Rockeymoore Cummings.


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