Hogan — In Full-Trump—Lies About Crowd Sizes

Jun 11, 2018

Annapolis, MD — Larry Hogan went full-Trump on Saturday and lied about his crowd size at his campaign kick-off.  Hogan’s press release announcing the campaign bragged about a 1,000-person crowd.  Problem with that statement? The venue has a capacity of 750 people and Maryland Republican Party mouthpiece Red Maryland said there were about 300 people in the crowd.

Hogan’s crowd-size boosting is eerily similar to when Donald Trump lied about his inauguration crowd size.

“Larry Hogan saw Donald Trump start his administration with a lie about crowd sizes and thought that he could start his campaign for re-election with the same lie,”said Fabion Seaton, Communications Director for the Maryland Democratic Party. “While Governor Hogan campaigns with hoaxes and Trump-style politics, Democrats will continue to remind voters of Hogan’s record of shortchanging workers, families, and students.”