Hogan Buckles to Political Pressure Over Trump’s Childhood Separation Policies

Jun 19, 2018

Annapolis, MD—As pictures, videos and audio recordings showed the devastating impact of Donald Trump’s inhumane child separation policy yesterday, Larry Hogan’s first instinct was to protect his campaign for re-election, not to fight back against Trump’s immoral immigration policies.  After playing Trump’s blame game yesterday—attempting to deflect blame and responsibility from the President—Hogan is now trying to change his tune. 

This morning, less than 10 minutes after Democrats called on Hogan to refuse any requests from Trump for Maryland National Guard troops at the border, Hogan buckled to political pressure.

“It’s sad that the photos of children being ripped from their parents weren’t enough for Governor Hogan to fight back against Trump’s immoral policy, he needed political pressure to act,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews.  “Marylanders deserve a governor who will take the moral stance on the first try, not a typical politician who hears the cries of children being taken away from their families, and thinks of how he can protect his campaign before doing the moral and just thing.”

Yesterday, many Republican leaders unequivocally condemned Donald Trump’s inhumane child separation policyand have called on the administration to end the policy, but not Larry Hogan.  Instead, Larry Hogan joined Donald Trump’s blame game and pointed fingers at Congress—leaving Hogan once again out of step with fellow Republicans like Governor Baker, who announced that he would not be sending his state’s National Guard to the border to enforce Trump’s “cruel and inhumane” policy of separating children from their families.