Hidin’ Hogan Misleads Voters about Relationship with NRA

Jul 20, 2018

Annapolis, MD — As Maryland students prepare to rally against the NRA on Lawyers Mall tomorrow, Saturday, July 20, 2018 at 1:00PM, Maryland Democrats are renewing their call for Larry Hogan to release his answers to the 2014 questionnaire that earned him an A-minus rating from the extreme gun manufacturers’ lobby group. 

The demand for transparency follows Hogan’s announcement to students yesterday that he will reject the NRA’s endorsement.  What Hogan did not share is that the extremist lobbying group has already supported his campaign for re-election—donating $4,000 in 2015 to help re-elect him.

“Governor Hogan knows that Marylanders overwhelmingly support commonsense gun measures and that is why he’s doing all that he can to keep the true nature of his relationship with the NRA secret,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews. “Governor Hogan needs to stop misleading Maryland voters and immediately release the answers that earned him his A-minus NRA rating to explain his true views today.”

“When voters elect their leaders, they are placing a sacred trust in them. Voters trust that their elected leaders will be transparent and do what’s in their best interest,” said Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary.  “Maryland is among the top in the United States when it comes to gun control, but we can do better. I believe all elected officials should be open on their position about gun control. This is about protecting the citizens of Maryland.”

Larry Hogan may be trying to hide his promises to the gun lobby, but his actions speak louder than any words could.  The following are Hogan’s attempts to undermine and block Democrats’ attempts to pass commonsense gun violence prevention legislation since his 2014 election, and as governor :



  • Larry Hogan opposed and ridiculed as “silly” Democrats’ efforts to prevent individuals on the terrorist watch list from buying guns.
  • Larry Hogan accepts $4,000 campaign donation from the NRA.


  • Larry Hogan attempted to appoint an extremist gun advocate to the Handgun Permit Review Board.
  • Larry Hogan opposed Democratic legislation to ban guns on college campuses.
  • Larry Hogan opposed Democratic legislation to prevent convicted domestic abusers from owning guns.