Hidin' Hogan Afraid To Debate and Defend His Record

Jul 18, 2018

Annapolis, MD—Today, Hidin’ Larry Hogan issued a press release asking for far fewer debates than he agreed to in 2014, indicating yet again that he wants to limit scrutiny of indefensible record on education, healthcare, and the economy. Meantime Ben Jealous, who participated in 6 broadcast debates in the primary campaign, has yet to engage in talks with the Hogan campaign about a general election debate schedule, which is customary. The Jealous campaign has advocated for more than two debates to make sure the debates reflected the full diversity of Maryland and allowed voters far more opportunities to hear both candidates’ visions for Maryland. During the primary, the Democratic field prioritized maximizing the debate and ensuring that voters had the opportunity to hear as many times as possible from the candidates and participated in five televised debates and one radio debate. 

Of the stations Hogan announced he would participate with, he curiously left off the only Spanish-Language network, Telemundo which partners with NBC4. It begs the question of whether Larry Hogan is willing to defend his record on issues particular to the Latino community. 

“It comes as no surprise that Larry Hogan wants to limit scrutiny of his indefensible record on education, the economy, and healthcare,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews. “Ben Jealous is committed  to ensuring that Marylanders have ample opportunity to hear about the issues and make an informed decision. It is especially disturbing that Hogan is unwilling to speak up on issues concerning the Latino  community and has rejected an offer to debate on a Spanish-Language network.”

In 2014, Hogan called for five televised debates and two radio debates.