Democrats Not Only Voters Who See Through Hogan’s Weak Leadership

Oct 20, 2017

Annapolis, Md. – Republican voters and GOP leaders are losing faith in the leadership of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, in addition to Democratic voters who say Marylanders should be doing better.

The Maryland political blog A Miner Detail has quoted several Maryland Republicans upset with Governor Hogan’s re-election campaign, including one official who warned that Hogan is “rapidly losing support from the base” of the Republican Party.  The outlet also reported that Republican insiders “are concerned that Gov. Larry Hogan’s re-election is in peril…”

“Just like Republicans in Washington, Governor Hogan ran on empty slogans—not plans—and has failed miserably to carry out his promises,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Fabion Seaton. “It should be no surprise that Maryland Republicans, like the rest of the state, are seeing through Hogan’s slogans for the complete lack of results he’s achieved as governor.”

The report comes after a series of polls showing bad signs for Governor Hogan’s reelection odds.  The Goucher poll released last month found that since February, Governor Hogan’s approval rating with Maryland Republicans has dropped by 9 points; Republican voters who think Maryland is on the right track has dropped by 7 points; and the percentage of Republican voters who support his bid for reelection has dropped by 5 points.  This month, Mason-Dixon polling released a poll that found that a majority of Marylanders would not support Governor Larry Hogan’s bid for a second term.