Democrats Leapfrog Larry to Pass $15 Minimum Wage

Mar 28, 2019

Despite Governor Hogan’s best efforts to deny Marylanders a $15 minimum wage, our caucus just voted to make a significant difference in the lives of almost 600,000 workers and their families. Someone working full-time or multiple jobs should not have to choose between basic needs like paying rent, getting health care, or putting food on the table.

There should be no argument that work should pay a decent wage that allows workers to cover their basic living expenses and yet too many Marylanders are on a constant treadmill where they never earn enough to get their heads above water, fully covering their family’s health, housing and food costs.

A higher minimum wage will be of special benefit to women, people of color, and those living in rural areas— all of whom experience economic hardship because they are disproportionately represented among those earning very low wages. Democrats stand for building the middle class. A better starting wage for workers at the bottom of the pay scale is one of the best ways to help more people climb the ladder of economic opportunity.

Thank you to Senator Cory McCray and Delegate Diana Fennell for sponsoring this meaningful piece of legislation, and thank you to all of the Democratic Members of the Maryland General Assembly for showing leadership in the face of obstruction!

Call your representative and thank them for their support. Today was a decisive victory for the Maryland Democratic Party.