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Democrats Invest in Maryland’s Future

Feb 12, 2021

Democrats in Maryland’s General Assembly Override Hogan’s Vetoes

MARYLAND — Today, Friday, February 12th, Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly overrode several of Governor Larry Hogan’s vetoes, delivering results for the people of Maryland, and making significant investments in our state’s future. These veto overrides included the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future — fully implementing the recommendations of the Kirwan Commission and investing billions into our children and our state’s future. 

The bills that were made law today will invest in education, support local farmers, assist elder Marylanders, promote small businesses and job creation, expand transportation services, and lower the cost of prescription drugs. Many of these bills passed with significant bipartisan support, including the Small Business Innovation Research Program bill, which passed 109-25 in the House. 

“The session is just getting started, but Democrats in the General Assembly are already delivering results for the people of Maryland. These ambitious, common sense bills — many of which received strong bipartisan support — will invest in our future and help countless Marylanders in need,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis. Specifically, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future bill will make a once-in-a-generation investment into ensuring that Maryland’s schools are the best in the nation, and that a zip code doesn’t dictate the quality of education. This week’s actions by Democrats will also help build our state back better from the COVID-19 pandemic by creating jobs, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and helping ensure that transportation is affordable and accessible.

“Unfortunately, these bills could have been law almost a year ago, and Marylanders would have already been seeing the benefits to small businesses, farms, and to our schools. It’s only because of Governor Larry Hogan’s pointless obstructionism that these broadly supported bills did not become law earlier. Hogan’s opposition highlights that time and time again it’s Democrats who deliver results for Maryland, and shows the crucial importance of electing a Democratic governor in 2022.”

Just a few of the ambitious bills made law were:

  • HB1300/SB1000 – Blueprint for Maryland’s Future – invests in education and our children’s futures
  • HB1488/SB0985Certified Local Farm Enterprise Program – supports local farmers.
  • HB0498 – Grants for Aging-in-Place Programs – assists elder Marylanders.
  • HB0514/SB0398 – Maryland Small Business Innovation Research Program – promotes small businesses and job creation.
  • HB1236MARC Expansion of Service – expands MARC transportation service.
  • HB1095/SB0669 – Prescription Drug Affordability Board and Fund – lowers drug prices for Marylanders.

The previously lauded Blueprint for Maryland’s Future bill will expand early childhood education, increase teacher salaries, support college and career readiness, and provide much needed aid for struggling schools.