Bureau of Labor Statistics Reveals Maryland Had the Worst Job Growth in Region Over Past Year

Mar 12, 2018

Annapolis, MD — Maryland workers continue to fall behind the region and the nation on wages and job opportunities, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  The bureau’s revision of 2017 job and wage data found that job growth in the past year was effectively flat in Maryland, and the worst in the region. Virginia alone created 7 times as many jobs as Maryland.

The numbers also show that Hogan’s policies continue to shortchange Maryland workers, who have lost more than $700 in wages when adjusted for inflation, compared to the average American earning nearly $3,500 more, the average Virginian over $7,500 more, and the average Delawarean nearly $9,000 more. 

“Larry Hogan continues to shortchange Maryland workers,” said Kathleen Matthews, Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party. “Working families in Maryland continue to lose ground under Governor Hogan, who promised to put more money in people’s pockets and create new jobs.  As he runs for re-election this year, Governor Hogan will need to explain why workers nationally and in Virginia are doing so much better than Marylanders. The numbers don’t lie.”

Maryland’s Lagging Job Performance Under Larry Hogan

Last December capped off a year during which Maryland created less than 9,000 jobs—the worst job growth in the region.  In the 12 month period ending in December 2017:

  • Maryland had a job increase rate of only 0.03%, compared to 1.49% nationally and 1.08% in Pennsylvania.

Despite Larry Hogan’s claims, the numbers are clear that Maryland’s economy is not keeping pace with that of either the nation as a whole or our neighbors in Virginia. Since Hogan took office:

  • Maryland has created jobs at a rate of 3.32%, compared to 5.33% nationally and 4.31% in Virginia.
  • Maryland has created private sector jobs at a rate of 4.07%, compared to 5.16% in Virginia.

Marylanders’ Lost Wages Under Larry Hogan

The data is alarming – Marylanders are earning less money under Larry Hogan than they did before he took office, while Virginians and Americans are much better off. During Hogan’s tenure:

  • The average Marylander has lost more than $700 in real dollars under Hogan, while workers in Virginia have taken home an additional $7,500 in increased wage growth and workers nationwide have taken home nearly $3,500.
  • The average Maryland is even doing markedly worse than individuals living in Pennsylvania and Delaware, which have each seen inflation-adjusted wages grow.

When each month’s average hourly wage and average hours worked data is cumulated over the course of Hogan’s tenure and adjusted for inflation:

  • The average Marylander has lost $768.31 in reduced wages compared to a 2014 baseline.
  • The average American has earned $3,441.73 more in this period, the average Virginian $7,554.65, the average Pennsylvanian $2,263. 6, and the average Delawarean $8,951.77.