2018 MD General Assembly Progress Report: Hogan Dodges the Big Issues Facing Maryland

Feb 09, 2018

Annapolis, MD — At the one month mark of Larry Hogan’s final legislative session, the one-term Governor is still dodging the issues facing Maryland families.  Of the dozens of bills Hogan has introduced so far this legislative session, none have addressed the most pressing issues facing Marylanders.  

Meanwhile, Democrats have overridden his veto of earned sick leave legislation; the Democratic Majority has passed legislation to allow sexual assault survivors to terminate the parental rights of their assaulters; Democrats have introduced a plan to protect Marylanders from the GOP tax scam’s federal tax hikes; and introduced legislation to fix our public education funding gap.

“In the first thirty days of the 2018 General Assembly, Democrats have taken on the tough challenges facing Maryland’s working  families such as earned sick leave, stronger public schools and fair taxes,” said Maryland Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Matthews. “Instead of working with Democrats, Governor Hogan has not even introduced legislation to address Marylanders’ most challenging problems.”

While Democrats are solving the problems facing our state, Maryland families are still waiting on Hogan to address:

  • the effects of Republicans’ ACA sabotage;
  • relief for Marylanders facing federal tax hikes under the GOP tax scam;
  • our state’s $3 billion education funding gap; and
  • workers’ lagging wage growth.