Maryland Republicans are hosting an event emulating the deadly, racist 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia

One of Cox’s Top Donors Organizes Rally Named After Deadly Charlottesville Rally

Oct 11, 2022

MARYLAND – In another embarrassing showing of their limitless ignorance, Maryland Republicans led by a failed political candidate and a former reality show participant and insurrectionist announced that they’re throwing a ‘Unite the Right’ rally – an event with the same name as the deadly, racist 2017 rally in Charlottesville.

That 2017 march led by neo-nazis and white nationalists was one of the darkest in recent memory for our nation. Three people were left dead from that event and dozens were injured. Now, Republicans, led by one of Dan Cox’s top donors – Kim Klacik – are charging admission to their hateful event that carries the same name that served as a rallying cry during the extremism we saw in 2017. No one can attend something like this and pretend they’re anything other than an extremist.

“To revere such a shameful event is horrific. To attempt a sequel of it here in our home state is unfathomable,” said Maryland Democratic Party Communications Director Brandon Stoneburg. “It’s shameful for a Marylander, or any human with an ounce of morality, to attend an event like this. It reeks of desperation, racism, and hatred. Dan Cox needs to immediately return any money donated to his campaign by the groups or individuals leading this event.”