Cox Would Force Women with Ectopic Pregnancies to Undergo a Dangerous Transplant Operation Rather Than Allow Access to an Abortion

Dan Cox Believes Women In Need Of An Abortion To Save Their Lives Should Be Forced To Die

Oct 11, 2022

MARYLAND  —   Today the Maryland Democratic Party held a press conference putting a spotlight on Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Cox’s heinous history of absolute opposition to abortion rights. Cox is running his campaign under a slogan of “It’s your freedom” but a previously unreported statement from Cox makes clear that for Maryland women who find themselves facing the tragic reality that an abortion is necessary to save their lives, Cox believes the only freedom they should have is to die.

In response to a candidate survey that asked “Under what circumstances should abortion be allowed,” Cox answered, “Never, so in the case of preventing the death of the mother, other lifesaving measures should be sought.”

Though no elaboration was necessary, Cox added that even in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, when a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus and cannot survive, he would push to force a transplant operation. It is medically impossible but Cox doesn’t let reality get in the way of ideology.

Watch The Press Conference Here

“We aren’t going to let Dan Cox get away with simply saying ‘Everyone knows I’m pro-life.’ Voters deserve to understand what that means,” Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis said at the press conference. “Dan Cox is running his campaign under a slogan of ‘It’s your freedom.’ But he doesn’t support equal or true freedom for women. This is who he is. That’s the top of the Republican ticket this year. And we are going to make sure that he is never governor of this state.”