Maryland Democrats Release New Video Hitting Republican Larry Hogan’s Anti-abortion Record

May 15, 2024

NEW VIDEO: Republican Larry Hogan Refuses to Protect Abortion Rights

Maryland Democrats Release New Video Hitting Republican Larry Hogan’s Anti-abortion Record


The Maryland Democratic Party today released a new video highlighting Republican Larry Hogan’s refusal to protect abortion rights. Hogan, who was handpicked to run for Senate by Mitch McConnell, would turn the Senate majority over to Republicans to pass a nationwide abortion ban.

Watch the video here.

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Here’s a transcript:

WBAL’s Jayne Miller: Governor Larry Hogan has largely been able to avoid the abortion debate, but this year he did take a position against this bill to expand access to abortion.

Axios’ Sophia Cai: Would you vote to codify Roe into federal law?

Hogan: I think that’s what we’re gonna have to take a look at that as we move forward—

Axios’ Sophia Cai: So is that yes?

Hogan: Whether it’s needed or not.

Axios’ Sophia Cai: Yes or no?

Hogan: No, it wasn’t a yes or no [Hogan laughs].

Axios’ Sophia Cai: Very clearly it wasn’t. All right.

CNN Voiceover: Dodged when asked whether he’d vote to codify Roe v. Wade.

Hogan: I’m not going to talk about speculation over specific wording of a specific bill, but we’ll talk about that during the election.

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  • CBS News: Maryland’s GOP Governor Larry Hogan vetoes bill to expand abortion access. “Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed a measure Friday that would expand access to abortion in the state.”

  • NBC News: Larry Hogan declines to say whether he’d support a federal law to codify Roe v. Wade. “Larry Hogan…declined to say whether he would vote to protect in vitro fertilization or codify Roe v. Wade into federal law if Maryland voters send him to the Senate in November.”

  • The Hill: “Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) worked hard behind the scenes to recruit popular former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) to run for retiring Sen. Ben Cardin’s (D-Md.) seat and hailed his entry into the race Friday as a ‘big, big development.’”

  • Axios Event: Axios’ Sophia Cai asked Hogan, “Well are you, are you going to caucus with the Republicans?” Larry Hogan replied, “Of course I am. I’m a lifelong Republican.”