Hogan’s Poor Judgment Opened the McGrath Can of Worms

Oct 06, 2021


October 6, 2021

Hogan’s Poor Judgment Opened the McGrath Can of Worms    

Governor Hogan fails to protect the people of Maryland from grifter

Annapolis, MD — Yesterday when The Baltimore Sun broke the news that Governor Hogan’s former chief of staff, Roy McGrath, was indicted on a litany of state and federal charges, we got a peek into the arrogance and hubris of one of Hogan’s closest advisers — whom he described as “someone of the highest character.”

Although we do not yet know exactly what Hogan knew about McGrath’s taxpayer-funded golden parachute or alleged fraud, it is clear that he knew what kind of person Roy McGrath was because he’s known the man for decades, and has vouched for him throughout the years. In a 2016 press release announcing McGrath’s appointment to Maryland Environmental Services, Hogan said that he “can think of no one better suited” to run the organization. We now know how that crucial misjudgment turned out.

Unfortunately, Hogan never bothered to inquire about the shady expenses, reimbursements, and payouts that basic due diligence would have revealed. Instead of removing him from power at MES, he made McGrath his chief of staff and put him in a position to inflict further harm on the state. A terrible lapse in judgment that Maryland taxpayers must now foot the bill for.

Hogan owed the people of Maryland the duty of care to not place someone in a position of power who will use their position like a personal gravy train. He failed this basic responsibility of leadership and he failed to protect the people of Maryland from a grifter. 

Thanks to Democratic leadership in the General Assembly, the oversight that Hogan failed to provide is being conducted. Since last year, the Joint Committee on Fair Practices and State Personnel Oversight has been working diligently to get to the bottom of these allegations. Although McGrath refused to answer the committee’s questions under subpoena last year, that refusal did not stop federal and state authorities from indicting him yesterday.

We all know that Hogan has had one foot out the door since last year when he was promoting himself, his book, and his political future on every political talk show he could get booked on. However, he is still governor and is still accountable to the people of Maryland.

Governor Hogan owes the people of Maryland answers to the following questions :

  1. When will Hogan come clean and tell the public exactly what was discussed with McGrath regarding his payout?
  2. Why has Hogan not demanded McGrath return the money he allegedly embezzled and defrauded from Maryland taxpayers?
  3. When will Hogan and the Maryland Republican Party return the thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from McGrath?
  4. How is it that Hogan misjudged someone who he described as having the “highest character?”