McConnell’s NRSC Chair Confirms Larry Hogan Senate Recruitment Today

Jul 20, 2021

Mitch McConnell’s handpicked NRSC Chair Rick Scott confirmed today that Washington Republicans are continuing to push Governor Larry Hogan to run for United States Senate next year. Scott’s comments were made on a podcast hosted by McConnell’s former top aide, and come after Hogan’s faced significant criticism on his ties to McConnell here in Maryland.

Last week, McConnell’s recruitment of Hogan was mentioned in an op-ed from Baltimore moms slamming Hogan and McConnell for opposing the American Rescue Plan’s middle-class tax cut.

Following that, End Citizens United (ECU) published a column in Maryland Matters last Friday on McConnell’s promises of unlimited special interest money to push Hogan to run for Senate. Republican insiders told the Washingtonian recently that McConnell was “aggressively” recruiting Hogan to run, and promised “significant” outside spending to boost Hogan’s potential candidacy.

“Mitch McConnell and Washington Republicans are going all out to push Larry Hogan to run for Senate because they know he’d be a rubber stamp for McConnell’s toxic agenda in the Senate,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “From opposing the American Rescue Plan’s middle-class tax cut, to relentlessly trying to terminate pandemic unemployment benefits for struggling Marylanders, Larry Hogan continues to make clear he will always put Mitch McConnell and his own political ambitions ahead of Maryland families.”