Hogan Handlers Dismiss Middle Class Tax Cuts and Vaccine and Emergency Response Funding as “Partisan Spending”

Jul 21, 2021

Yesterday, HuffPost reported on the blatant hypocrisy from Governor Larry Hogan for trying to have it both ways on the American Rescue Plan passed by President Joe Biden and Maryland Democrats earlier this year. Hogan vehemently opposed the American Rescue Plan, saying in an interview he would not have voted for the bill. But since then, Hogan has repeatedly touted provisions in the legislation that, had he had his way, never would have become law.

Even worse, Hogan’s handlers dismissively referred to provisions in the American Rescue Plan as simply “partisan spending.” What exactly is Hogan referring to as “partisan spending?”

All of this comes as Hogan is being “aggressively” recruited by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to run for United States Senate. Just yesterday, McConnell’s hand-picked NRSC Chair confirmed in an interview that Washington Republicans were pushing Hogan to run. Considering that, it’s no wonder Hogan continues to follow McConnell’s lead in opposing the American Rescue Plan that is helping Maryland recover from the pandemic.

“It says a lot about Larry Hogan’s priorities that he would dismiss a middle class tax cut and funding for vaccine distribution and emergency responders as unnecessary ‘partisan spending,’” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Instead of sucking up to Mitch McConnell, Larry Hogan should just admit he was wrong to oppose the American Rescue Plan that is delivering shots in arms and money in bank accounts to families across Maryland.”