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Gov. Wes Moore announces 12-year plan to phase out gas-powered cars

Mar 13, 2023

The governor announced a plan that aims to stop the sale of gas-powered cars in Maryland by the year 2035.

The 12-year plan mirrors a recent move by California.

Our state’s version includes tax credits for anyone who buys an electric vehicle any time after July 1.

Governor Moore announced Monday Maryland’s adoption of the multi-state Advanced Clean Cars II rule, a major step in the state’s acceleration to improve air quality and combat the effects of climate change.

“Today, we’re talking about a major transformation that is going to define this administration—and that’s how we turn Maryland from a state powered by oil and gas to a state powered by clean energy,” said Governor Moore. “I am confident that the state of Maryland can and will lead the clean energy revolution.”

According to a Maryland Department of the Environment analysis, 383,000 fewer new gas-powered vehicles would be sold under the new rule by 2030, rising to 1.68 million fewer conventional vehicles by 2035.

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