Larry Hogan’s Republican Party Wants to Ban Abortion Nationwide

Jul 09, 2024


July 9, 2024

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Larry Hogan’s Republican Party Wants to Ban Abortion Nationwide

Anti-abortion extremists praise new Republican Party platform that Hogan would help enact


Republican Larry Hogan – who was personally recruited by Mitch McConnell, promises to caucus with Republicans, and describes himself as a “real” and “lifelong” Republican – would turn control of the Senate over to Republicans so they can push forward their extreme agenda, which the RNC’s platform made clear this week includes a nationwide abortion ban.

A wave of new reporting highlights how anti-abortion extremists are applauding Hogan’s Republican Party for approving a platform that seeks to restrict abortion nationwide by establishing fetal personhood via the 14th Amendment. As a Senate candidate, Hogan has repeatedly refused to oppose judicial nominees hostile to abortion rights.

Read statements from prominent anti-abortion rights advocates for yourself:

  • Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser: “The GOP reaffirmed its commitment to protect unborn life today through the 14th Amendment. Under this amendment, it is Congress that enacts and enforces its provisions. The Republican Party remains strongly pro-life at the national level.” (New York Times)
  • Faith and Freedom Coalition Co-founder and Chairman Ralph Reed: “The Republican Party platform makes clear the unborn child has a right to life that is protected by the Constitution under the due process clause of the 14th Amendment… It is an unapologetically pro-life position.” (CBS News)
  • CEO of Americans United for Life John Mize: The Republican platform “has historically stood for the rights of preborn children and we’re happy to see that this election cycle will be no different.” (The Hill)

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