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Joe Biden has a Vision for America, Trump Only has More Excuses

Oct 22, 2020

Maryland — Thursday, October 22nd, after a strong debate performance from Joe Biden, where he laid out a clear vision for America and confronted the repeated lies and failures of Donald Trump — Maryland Democratic Party Chairwoman, Yvette Lewis, released the following statement:

“The contrast tonight could not have been more clear. Joe Biden spent the night telling us about his plans to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, help working families and small businesses, and bring our country together. Donald Trump once again lied about his record, and spread Russian disinformation. Joe shared his vision, describing an America where we’re not “Blue states and Red states, we’re the United States.” Our best days are ahead of us, but first, we must overcome the crises Donald Trump has created.

Trump did everything but talk about the job he’s done; under his watch, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of over 220,000 Americans, 30 million have lost their jobs, and one in five small businesses have closed. Joe Biden offered a clear plan to fight the crisis, saying “I would make sure we have everyone encouraged to wear a mask all the time, make sure we move in the direction of rapid testing, and invest in rapid testing. I would make sure we set up national standards on how to open schools and businesses so they can be safe. I will take care of this and end this, I will make sure we have a plan.Joe will couple this with an economic recovery plan that would create 18.6 million jobs, and increase the income of working-class Americans (after taxes) by $4,800.

Trump tried to obfuscate his record of complete failure by lying about Joe Biden’s family and spreading debunked Russian misinformation. While making false attacks on Joe Biden’s well-documented financial history, Trump has still not released his own tax returns, and just this week, we learned Trump has a bank account in China. Marylanders are sick and tired of this administration’s blatant hypocrisy and corruption, and will see these attacks for what they are — the last gasp of a losing campaign. 

Vice President Biden also highlighted the complete failure of the Trump administration to provide even the semblance of a health care plan. He called Trump out for his repeated heartless attacks on the Affordable Care Act saying “[Trump] wants to take away health care from 22 million people who have it under Obamacare and 110 million people with pre-existing conditions, and all the people with COVID who have pre-existing conditions, what are they going to do?”

Joe Biden won tonight’s debate, and it wasn’t even close. The people of Maryland and America have had enough of Donald Trump. They want a real leader who will build our state and country back better. That leader is Joe Biden.”