January 6th Commission is a Reminder of Rep. Andy Harris’ Disgrace

Jul 28, 2021

Harris Supported the Insurrection — Voted Against the Commission and Medals for Police

Yesterday, Capitol and DC Police officers testified before the January 6th Congressional Commission about the attack on our Capitol and our democracy. It was a stark reminder that Rep. Andy Harris (MD-01) backed the false claims that led to the insurrection and encouraged the heinous attack.

One of the officers who testified — Harry Dunn, a proud Marylander — detailed the extraordinary physical and mental abuse police officers at the Capitol endured as they protected Members of Congress like Andy Harris. “More than six months later, January 6th isn’t over for me,” said Dunn.

The testimonies highlighted the disgraceful absurdity, that after officers like Harry Dunn risked their lives to protect him, Andy Harris has continued to defend the former president, and even the rioters themselves. Despite seeing the destruction and harm his falsehoods wrought, Harris legitimized the attempted insurrection, voting and speaking against the certification of the Electoral College.

Now, in the last few months, Harris has voted against funding for the Capitol Police, awarding Congressional Gold Medals to those who protected the Capitol, and establishing a non-partisan commission to investigate the attacks.

“The testimony yesterday from Capitol and DC Police officers was heart-wrenching and a reminder that Representative Andy Harris shares responsibility for the horrors they endured. Leading up to the insurrection, Harris backed false claims about election integrity, and in the months since January 6th, Harris has continued to implicitly endorse the terrorist attack,” said Maryland Democratic Party Spokesperson Zachary Holman. “Our state is the proud home to hundreds of Capitol Police officers like Harry Dunn, they deserve better than Andy Harris.”