Gov. Moore claims sweeping success in first General Assembly session

Apr 11, 2023

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore claimed his first General Assembly session to be an unprecedented success, even with state lawmakers scaling back a few of his more ambitious proposals.

The 90-day legislative session ended Monday at midnight. Moore, who has preached a message of service, cooperation and bipartisanship, is scheduled to begin signing bills into law on Tuesday.

Each of Moore’s 10 policy proposals made it through the legislature in some form, including a service year for young people, health care reimbursements for National Guard members, better access to banking and tax breaks for low-income families.

“We are very happy about what we think to be an extraordinarily successful session for us,” Moore said Monday.

Moore maintained his relentless optimism as the lawmaking session came to a close, calling it “the most successful session for a governor, period.”

Moore’s measure to increase the state’s $13.25 minimum hourly wage to $15 passed, but lawmakers did away with his proposal to tie future increases to inflation.

Moore proposed tax incentives for internet companies to expand broadband access. Legislators voted instead for a study.

Lawmakers also lessened the governor’s proposed income tax breaks for military veterans.

Moore, though, laid the groundwork for a term that he has said will be defined by bold, sweeping policies.

Moore, a former U.S. Army captain, past investment banker, bestselling author and former nonprofit executive, is Maryland’s first Black governor and just the third elected in U.S. history.

A Democrat, Moore is working alongside a legislature with Democratic supermajorities in both chambers.

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