Did Larry Hogan Say Yes to Mitch McConnell’s Promise of Unlimited Outside Spending?

Jul 07, 2021

As Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to block legislation to reform our ethics laws and campaign finance system, new questions are emerging about what exactly McConnell promised Governor Larry Hogan in his “aggressive” efforts to push Hogan to run for Senate.

Republican insiders told the Washingtonian recently that McConnell promised Hogan “significant” outside spending to boost Hogan’s potential candidacy.

The Washingtonian’s reporting makes clear what McConnell offered Hogan. But what we still don’t have the answer to: did Hogan accept McConnell’s offer?

“Mitch McConnell’s dark money machine is preparing to flood Maryland with millions of dollars in outside spending to try to elect Larry Hogan to the Senate and make McConnell Majority Leader,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Marylanders deserve to know if Larry Hogan accepted McConnell’s offer of unlimited support from McConnell’s Super PACs.”