Is Kelly Schulz Running for Governor?

Jul 12, 2021

More Than a Week After Receiving a Serious Challenger, Schulz is Nowhere to be Found

Last week, prominent Trump acolyte and insurrection advocate, Delegate Dan Cox (R-Frederick), joined Maryland’s MAGA primary for governor. Yet, despite now having a serious pro-Trump challenger, the other candidate, Kelly Schulz is still nowhere to be found.

Months after declaring her candidacy, Schulz has not held any public events, has avoided media interviews, and the only “news” on her website is the campaign announcement in early April. Despite attending former President Trump’s inaugural gala —  Schulz has refused to say if she still supports Trump or his false claim that the election was stolen. Schulz also wouldn’t denounce Dan Cox bussing insurrectionists to the January 6th Capitol attack.

In a primary that’s sure to be defined by Trump loyalty tests, and with recent polling showing that 85% of Republicans prefer pro-Trump candidates — these questions will continue to loom over Schulz’s truant campaign.

“Maryland voters deserve to know, is Kelly Schulz still running for governor? More than a week after announcing his candidacy, Dan Cox may as well have the Republican field to himself,” said Maryland Democratic Party Spokesperson Zachary Holman. “Instead of hiding from voters and reporters, Schulz should be denouncing Dan Cox’s involvement in the January 6th insurrection, and clarifying her support for former President Trump. These key questions will continue to overshadow Schulz’s candidacy until she provides Maryland voters with much-needed clarity. We need a governor who will show up for Maryland — that’s clearly not Kelly. ”