Cox Is One Of Six Trump-Endorsed GOP Gubernatorial Nominees Who Declined To Say They Would Admit Defeat If They Lose In November

Dan Cox Refuses To Commit To Accepting Election Results

Sep 19, 2022

MARYLAND  — New reporting from the New York Times reveals that Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Cox is among six Trump-backed Republican nominees for governor who have either declined to commit to accepting the outcome of their election or who refused to answer when asked if they would accept the result. The report notes that all six have pre-emptively cast doubt on how their states count votes.

This revelation comes just days after Cox took legal action to block the state Board of Elections’ request to be permitted to count mail-in ballots prior to Election Day, as every other state does. Cox’s opposition to the request, which has received bipartisan support, prompted questions as to whether he is preparing to again make baseless claims of electoral fraud, as he did in 2020 and has continued to through as recently as this July.

“Dan Cox’s refusal to respect the will of Maryland voters is not surprising given his dangerous record of undermining our democracy,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Ernest Bailey. “Cox joined in Trump’s effort to delegitimize the 2020 presidential election, helped bus people to the ‘Stop the Steal’ event and poured fuel on the fire during the insurrection by denouncing Mike Pence as a traitor. People died that day– Cox’s self-serving MAGA schemes at the expense of our democratic process must come to an end.”