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This is how our movement is growing

Feb 07, 2020

Dear Friend,

As we enjoy this restful Saturday, I’d like to update you on the progress that the Maryland Democratic Party has made in my first full month as Chair.

This is an important message about our fundraising efforts, our plans for the 2020 presidential campaign, our efforts to hold Governor Larry Hogan accountable for his wrongdoing during his re-election campaign, and much more:


On January 7, we kicked off the 2020 Legislative Session with our action-packed Annual Legislative Luncheon. We honored Senator Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. for his service to our state, and celebrated Speaker Adrienne Jones and Senator Bill Ferguson for their new leadership positions. The event was a wonderful success, and we raised tens of thousands of dollars in donations to help elect more Democrats up and down the ballot in 2020.

In January 2020, our fundraising numbers were higher than any single fundraising month in 2019. I’m very proud of our fundraising team and all of our staff that helped put the Luncheon together. It was an awesome way to kick off 2020.

Announcing Our New Executive Director Eva Lewis

I’m happy to announce that former MD Dems Political Director Eva Lewis has been selected to become our new Executive Director. For those of you that may not know Eva, she is rejoining the team after serving as the DNC’s Northeast Regional Director for the Association of Democratic State Committees (ASDC). As Regional Director, she devoted her time to helping State Parties organize for success up and down the ballot in upcoming races. 

Eva has also worked many years as an attorney, grassroots organizer and political operative building coalitions and increasing political engagement. 

Be sure to send her a note welcoming her to the team!

Convention Update

Planning is underway for the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. We secured prime real estate at a hotel within walking distance to the convention site. We have some major events planned for the convention and we hope to see you in Milwaukee. 

When you attend the Democratic National Convention, you witness history in the making. It’s an absolutely electrifying experience. I couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store.


Sometimes we can fall prey to the safety of small ideas. Many people have said Maryland won’t be a factor in the 2020 Primary because it falls so late on the nominating calendar. I disagree with that point of view, and our team has begun planning something BIG for the April 28th primary!

We’re in the preliminary stages of planning the event, but we will have some major announcements about the biggest names in Democratic politics visiting Maryland and the rest of the East Coast very soon! #DemsDrive95

2020 Canvass Exporting

Our field and data team is developing a sophisticated volunteer export program in partnership with Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina. Party staff has already reached out to their counterparts in these states and are laying the groundwork for Marylanders to have an impact in our neighboring swing states.

All of this work, of course, is supported by the volunteers we’ve recruited since the Party shifted into a year-round organizing program.

Holding Governor Larry Hogan Accountable

Last month, I submitted a formal letter to the Maryland State Board of Elections requesting an update on two complaints submitted by the Party in 2019 regarding Hogan’s gubernatorial campaign contributions. 

There are still verifiable excess contributions totaling $145,387 that have not been refunded. Hogan’s attorney Chris Ashby dismissed the 2019 allegations as a “shoddy political hit job.” Mr. Ashby and his team then promptly returned nearly $63,000 in donations a few days after the story was reported in the Washington Post.

Governor Hogan took in roughly a quarter-million dollars in prohibited contributions to get himself re-elected. He should be held accountable for his ethical shortcomings. It is disingenuous and a failure of leadership to tell the public he’s done nothing wrong while being forced to return more than $60,000 in campaign contributions.

Organizing Across The State

Our field organizers have been knocking on doors, placing phone calls, recruiting new volunteers, and meeting with Democrats all across the state to build up our campaign infrastructure and ensure that we’re ready to elect Democrats this November. Here’s just a few photos of some of our activities:

Meeting with the Democratic Club of Dorchester County

Knocking on doors and handing out campaign literature in Frederick County

Meeting with the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee

As you can see, we’ve been very busy! We have made it our mission to put the Democratic Party first above all else. We have lots of work to do, and two Executive offices to reclaim, President of the United States and the Governor of Maryland. 

And that work cannot be done alone. We must do it together!

Thank you,

Yvette Lewis
Chair, Maryland Democratic Party