Andy Harris slams Barry Glassman, Republicans in Disarray

Sep 08, 2022

Maryland – Republicans can’t get out of their own way. Andy Harris went on a radio show and blasted fellow ultra conservative Republican Barry Glassman in another glaring and embarrassing showing among the warring factions in the Maryland GOP.

The Republicans’ only Congressional representative questioned Glassman’s judgment and claimed that “There are Republicans in the base who won’t vote for Barry Glassman this time, or ever.”

That’s quite the contrast from what their party leader Larry Hogan thinks of Glassman. But what does Hogan think of Harris’ friend Dan Cox? Well he said he wouldn’t give Cox a tour of the Governor’s office, let alone vote for him. What do the few Senate Republicans in Annapolis think of Cox? They claimed this week they’d run their own race in a separate lane from Cox.

So Harris likes Cox, but not Glassman. Hogan likes Glassman, but not Cox. Glassman dislikes Cox and Harris dislikes Hogan. And Glassman opened his campaign wishing Harris kept his promise and retired. Republicans in the state house are running away from the ticket, and meanwhile, Peroutka is off singing Confederate songs. The whole ticket is a fumbling mess.

You might need a flow chart to keep track of which of their factions respects each other, but you don’t have to look hard to see that their party is in, dare we say … disarray.

Even at their peak, they were still dysfunctional, regressive and ineffective. When they’re at their worst, which is currently the case, they’re all of those things and even more importantly – dangerous to all Marylanders.

How many Republican parties are there in Maryland? And who takes the blame when they all lose in November?

“Their whole ticket is a MAGA mess,” said Maryland Democratic Party Communications Director Brandon Stoneburg. “There’s no energy, no vision, no enthusiasm on that side. And that’s because they’re too busy in-fighting. While they do that, our ticket is making us proud. Wes, Aruna, Brooke, and Anthony meet Marylanders across the state at their doors, and lead with joy.”