Cox Repeatedly Backed Fringe Legislation To Enable Abusers

Washington Post Details How Dan Cox Has A History Of Siding With Abusers & Predators Over The Vulnerable

Sep 14, 2022

MARYLAND  —  A new piece from the Washington Post this morning detailed Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Cox’s history of pushing legislation “far outside Maryland’s political mainstream.” Among the revelations:

  • Cox “voted with just two other Annapolis lawmakers to keep an old law that makes spousal rape legal.”

  • Cox “was one of 21 lawmakers to vote against raising the minimum marriage age from 15 to 17.”

  • Cox “was one of five members of the House of Delegates to vote against a ‘safe harbor’ bill that forbids prosecuting child sex-trafficking victims for prostitution.”

Additionally, Cox committed to continuing to push the same type of anti-abortion proposals as governor that he did in the legislature, where he “introduced 14 bills to restrict or roll back access to abortion and offered multiple budget amendments to strip state funding for low-income women seeking the procedure.”

“Dan Cox has a dangerous record of repeatedly siding with abusers and predators rather than backing common-sense, bipartisan laws that keep Maryland women and children safe,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Ernest Bailey. “Voting to allow 15-year-old girls to be forced into marriage, the prosecution of child sex-trafficking victims and even spousal rape is reflective of a stone age mentality that doesn’t come close to representing the priorities of Maryland voters.”