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What is Governor Hogan's Plan to Stop Trumpcare?

Jun 23, 2017

Annapolis, Md. – As Senate Republicans scheme to pass Trumpcare over the next week, Governor Larry Hogan has yet to reveal any plan to stop the damage in Maryland.

“While it’s no surprise that Governor Hogan is yet again short on details, Marylanders deserve to know what Hogan is doing to stop Washington Republicans from gutting Medicaid, hurting Maryland’s fight against the opioid epidemic, blowing a hole through the state budget and overall take health care coverage and protections away from Marylanders,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Bryan Lesswing. “Hogan’s avoidance of reality isn’t a solution to stopping Trumpcare, nor is it leadership.”

Given Trumpcare’s threat to upend Maryland’s unique and successful All-Payer Model, Hogan needs to explain what he’s doing to engage the federal government and protect Marylanders’ health coverage.
So far, Hogan has tried to avoid the problem at all costs. Last month, Hogan claimed that there was “no chance” of the House-passed Trumpcare passing in the Senate. However, observers widely agree that the Senate-proposed plan closely resembles its House-passed counterpart.
In that same interview, Hogan also described his critics who called on him to take action against Trumpcare as “hyperventilating.”

During the same time, Hogan appointed a Trumpcare-proponent to lead Maryland’s health care commission. 

Earlier this week, Maryland-based health insurance companies credited the Trump administration’s sabotage of the Affordable Care Act for weakening Maryland’s health marketplaces.