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RELEASE: Two Years in, Larry Hogan’s Broken Job Promises

Jan 05, 2017

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January 5, 2017

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Two Years in, Larry Hogan’s Broken Job Promises

Under Gov. Hogan, Maryland’s job growth falls behind neighboring states

After two years, Maryland sees #HoganNotHiring



Annapolis, Md. – The beginning of 2017 marks the midpoint of GOP Governor Larry Hogan’s term in office and after two years, the broken job promises are starting to pile up.


Hogan made big promises for Maryland’s economy, even calling job creation his “top priority”:


“I was elected on the promise to restore Maryland’s economic competitiveness and our administration remains committed to delivering on that promise,” Hogan said in July of 2015. “Bringing jobs and businesses to Maryland is our top priority.”


However, after a look at Hogan’s economic record, the reality doesn’t match the rhetoric. Under Gov. Hogan’s leadership:


  • Maryland’s job growth (2.6%) lags the national average (3.37%), and has fallen behind neighboring states of Virginia (3.57%) and Delaware (3.46%);


  • And, Maryland’s average hourly earnings have fallen by 1.3%, while national hourly earnings increased by .1%.
  • The drop of 1.3% means that the average worker lost $769.60 over the past year.
  • Maryland trails Virginia in personal income growth and GDP growth;


“Under Larry Hogan’s broken promises, Maryland’s economy has fallen behind,” said Maryland Democratic Party Executive Director Chuck Connor. “Over the last two years, Hogan has had one solution to Maryland’s falling wages and sluggish job growth: empty rhetoric. Maryland families need a leader capable of delivering more than just lip service when it comes to job creation, and we look forward to holding Hogan accountable for his broken economic promises during the remainder of his term.”   


For more details of Hogan’s economic record in Maryland, follow #HoganNotHiring on Facebook and Twitter to see how Hogan has fallen short during his first two years in office.