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Hogan-Trump Agenda to Weaken Maryland’s Public Schools

Feb 07, 2017

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February 7, 2017

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While MD Democrats Fight to Protect Public Schools, Hogan Wants to Turn Lights Out
Annapolis, Md. — With the Trump’s education pick Betsy DeVos set to weaken public education at the national level, the focus now turns to protecting Maryland’s public schools.
Democratic General Assembly lawmakers joined with local Maryland teachers today to announce a legislative package aimed at protecting and strengthening the state’s public schools. Their priorities include:  
  • Preventing privatization efforts;
  • Proactively pushing proactive measures like the Protect Our Schools Act to ensure each school is providing students with a high quality education; and

  • Curtailing Maryland’s over-testing problem
Since entering office, Governor Larry Hogan has sided against supporting Maryland’s neighborhood public schools. In his first budget, Hogan wanted to cut $275 million from Maryland’s public schools. This year, he is pushing to cut $30 million from new education spending go towards after-school programs, college preparation, and teacher retention strategies.
Weakening public education is one area where Hogan shares the same agenda with Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos. They want to take taxpayer dollars out of neighborhood public schools and instead use the money to subsidize private and religious schools.
And instead of working with Democrats to strengthen public schools and make sure all of Maryland’s kids get a high quality education, Hogan is bullying his critics. Last fall, he chided hardworking public school teachers “thugs.”
The following statement was released by Maryland Democratic Party executive director Chuck Conner:
“While Democrats in Maryland are fighting to protect and strengthen our neighborhood schools, Governor Larry Hogan wants to turn the lights out.”
“What’s clear is that Governor Hogan is pushing the same harmful agenda as Donald Trump and his education pick Betsy DeVos: take taxpayer dollars out of neighborhood public schools and instead use the money to subsidize private and religious schools.”
“Public schools are in dire need of funding across the state, including Baltimore City, and Maryland families and taxpayers deserve a leader who will fight to protect and strengthen our public education system – not weaken it like Governor Logan Hogan.”