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Hogan: Protecting Maryland from Trump's Harmful Agenda Not My 'Focus'

Jan 31, 2017

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January 31, 2017

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Hogan: Protecting Maryland from Trump’s
Harmful Agenda Not My ‘Focus’

New territory: Hogan’s reluctance to protect Maryland from Trump agenda

Annapolis, Md. — Earlier today, General Assembly Democrats proposed a legislative package in preparation to protect Maryland families from the harmful effects of Donald Trump’s agenda.
Governor Hogan’s response? Not his “focus” for Maryland.
This is the same Trump agenda that is already hurting hardworking Maryland families – whether it’s “tearing families apart,” eroding civil liberties or threatening the health care of over 400,000 Marylanders.
What is clear is that Hogan’s refusal to protect Maryland from Trump is new territory that is already drawing backlash and raising questions.
The following statement was released by the Maryland Democratic Party’s communications director, Jazzmen Knoderer:
“While Democrats prepare to fight the harmful impact of Trump’s agenda here in Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan doesn’t feel like it should be his ‘focus.’
“It should alarm Marylanders that Governor Hogan doesn’t think that protecting their health care, civil liberties, or even defending families, is a priority.
“What Governor Hogan makes clear is that hardworking Maryland families can’t trust him to stand up to Trump’s harmful agenda.”