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Hogan Dismisses Education Programs and Planned Parenthood Protections as Not Worthy of His Signature

Apr 10, 2017

Annapolis, Md. – While Maryland Democrats have put jobs, health and education for working Maryland families at the center of their 2017 legislative agenda, Governor Larry Hogan has prioritized the agenda of President Donald Trump.

In an interview with WHAG, Governor Hogan dismissed a list of legislative bills – including protecting Planned Parenthood funding, early childhood education, consumer protections, and preparations to take on the Trump administration – as not “even worth looking at because they didn’t really accomplish anything.”

Overall, Hogan declined to support 15 measures that help Maryland families and the state’s economy that were passed by the General Assembly.

“Governor Hogan just said that exploring options for universal pre-K, safeguarding funding for Planned Parenthood, and protecting Marylanders against actions by the Trump administration, are not worth looking at,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Bryan Lesswing. “Whenever Governor Larry Hogan is pressed to show his true colors, Marylanders see that he doesn’t put an honest effort into working with others to tackle the critical issues facing Maryland.”