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Governor Hogan's 11th Hour Trumpcare Stunt

Jul 18, 2017


Annapolis, Md. – As support for Trumpcare collapses, Governor Hogan is trying to save face for his failure to stand up for Marylanders’ health care.


“Like a typical politician, Governor Hogan waited until the 11th hour when support for Trumpcare collapsed so that he could avoid taking a real stand on protecting Marylanders’ health care,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Bryan Lesswing. “Marylanders shouldn’t be fooled by Hogan’s Trumpcare stunt. Hogan ran out the clock, and that is exactly what you’d expect of a politician, not a leader who cares about protecting the health care of hundreds of thousands of his constituents.”


Over the past several months, Hogan has repeatedly refused to protect Marylanders from Trumpcare’s damage.

While other Republican governors were publicly pressuring their GOP colleagues in Washington to oppose Trumpcare, Hogan was notably missing in action.


When members of Maryland’s congressional delegation called on Hogan to join their efforts and oppose the Republican health care plan, Hogan accused them of “grandstanding.”


At the same, Hogan appointed a Trumpcare-proponent to lead Maryland’s top health panel.