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Democrats Fight Plan to Give Trump More Votes

May 08, 2017

Annapolis, Md. – Governor Larry Hogan doubled down today on a partisan redistricting plan that would help himself and Donald Trump pick up more votes in 2018 and 2020.

“It’s disappointing that while Democrats in Maryland want to make the state a national leader on redistricting reform, Governor Hogan is once again putting partisan interests over what’s best for Marylanders,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Bryan Lesswing. “The reason why Governor Larry Hogan is vetoing bipartisan redistricting reform is because he wants to push his own unconstitutional plan that hands Trump and Republicans more votes to carry out their agenda.”

Earlier this year, the General Assembly passed a “Mid-Atlantic Regional Compact” redistricting proposal that partners with New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina to create an independent commission that would eliminate partisan interference to reforms.

Hogan’s own redistricting proposal runs into legal challenges. The Attorney General’s office deemed earlier this year that “portions of Hogan’s redistricting proposal appeared to be unconstitutional.”