Sep 27, 2022

The Maryland Democratic Party released the following statement on MAGA, Confederate candidate Michael Peroutka and his most recent ignorant comments:

“In the latest of a long list of ignorant and bizarre comments by Michael Peroutka, he said on a podcast this week that reproductive freedom and abortion violate principles of American government, and claimed that there’s no ‘right way to do what God says is wrong.’ He further advocated for his disgusting anti-immigrant stance, called the Dobbs decision to overturn Roe v. Wade a ‘wonderful thing,’ and made his plans to strip away reproductive freedoms as Attorney General quite clear.

This secessionist, Confederate man and his ignorant ideals have no place in Maryland’s Attorney General office. He’s open with his sexism, his racism, his hate, and his ignorance. When someone is showing you who they are, believe them.

This man and his MAGA friends on the Republican ticket have made their intentions clear. They’re not hiding it. Their plan is to further strip away a Maryland woman’s right to choose. That right and all reproductive freedoms will not be determined by Michael Peroutka. If there’s ever a time to elect more Democratic leaders, this is it. Our determination, perseverance and resolve must meet the challenge. We will never go back.”