Maryland lawmakers pass gun bills, cannabis, by session end

Apr 10, 2023

Maryland lawmakers adjourned late Monday from their annual legislative session after approving measures for gun control, abortion rights, a licensing framework to open a recreational marijuana market and a push to expand offshore wind development.

The Maryland General Assembly, which is controlled by Democrats, passed a bill that would prevent someone from carrying a concealed handgun in certain areas. The measure would prohibit people with permits to carry concealed handguns in sensitive areas like school playgrounds, hospitals or polling locations.

“The goal that we have in passing this bill is not to chip away at Second Amendment rights, as hard as it may be for some minority party members to believe. It’s to reduce gun violence of all kinds: gang violence, mass shootings, self-inflicted gunshots,” said Del. Marc Korman, a Montgomery County Democrat who is the House majority leader.

But opponents expressed doubts the measure would stand up to inevitable legal challenges.

“I think that this bill ultimately will be much sound and fury signifying nothing, when it comes down to its final implementation,” said Del. Jason Buckel, an Allegany County Republican who is the House minority leader.

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