Maryland Dems Coordinated Campaign Team Reaches Significant Milestone

Nov 02, 2022

Maryland – The Maryland Democratic Party is proud to announce that as of today, its dedicated and passionate coordinated campaign team has reached a historic milestone. Our volunteers and organizers have reached out to more than one million Marylanders across the state via door-to-door, phone calls, and text messages in their Get Out the Vote efforts.

The energy and passion from the top of the ticket has inspired every level of our team, and it shows with the relentless work ethic that our spirited campaign teams show every single day. Campaign season can be exhausting, but our organizers have shown no evidence of slowing down. The entire party has made it clear that progress only happens when we listen to everyday Marylanders and truly hear them. In this new era, every Marylander will be valued and will have a prominent seat at the table no matter what their background, zip code, or political affiliation. We leave no one behind.

“We understand the importance of talking to people because when we do, they cast their ballots for us,” said Coordinated Campaign Director Saif Ratul. “And that’s why our grassroots team has reached out to over one million Marylanders in a few short months and is planning to speak with hundreds of thousands of more voters before Election Day. I’m incredibly proud of the work we have been able to achieve with such a talented team. There’s no one in this country that we won’t outwork, and this is how we will deliver victory up and down the ticket.”

Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis added: “Our organization from top to bottom is talented, relentless and energetic. I truly believe we have a story to tell and that it resonates with voters. Our volunteers are in every corner of Maryland making sure we get the votes we need because they each know what’s on the line. There’s no room for complacency and they’ve shown that. We’re not slowing down.”

Maryland’s next Lieutenant Governor – Aruna Miller – also serves as the Coordinated Campaign Co-Chair, and she added: “At every stop, I get a chance to meet our volunteers and staff, and they impress me more each day. I’m inspired by their enthusiasm and dedication to ensuring this new era of Maryland will be our best yet and that every Marylander will feel like they not only belong, but have a chance to thrive. I’m so proud of this team and how selflessly they’ve carried themselves since Day 1.”