Life Will Get Harder for Unemployed Marylanders Tomorrow Thanks to Larry Hogan

Jul 02, 2021

Tomorrow, Governor Larry Hogan’s premature termination of pandemic unemployment insurance provided through the American Rescue Plan will go into effect, making life unnecessarily harder for many Maryland families. This week, a second lawsuit was filed against Hogan for his decision to terminate the program early.

The news comes amid new reports that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was “aggressively” recruiting Hogan to run for Senate, raising new questions about Hogan’s ultimate motivations as he slashes benefits for Marylanders.

“Larry Hogan’s decision to prematurely end the American Rescue Plan’s pandemic unemployment relief is yet another reminder that he seems more concerned about courting national Republicans than helping Marylanders struggling to make ends meet,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson. “While Larry Hogan is busy thinking about Mitch McConnell ‘aggressively’ pushing him to run for Senate, Maryland voters will remember that their governor put his own political ambitions ahead of their economic security.”