Schifanelli said Hogan’s “Removal from the Republican Party is Necessary”

Dan Cox Running Mate Gordana Schifanelli Echoes Cox’s January 6th Rhetoric In Escalating Attacks On Governor Larry Hogan

Aug 22, 2022

MARYLAND  —  Following Governor Larry Hogan’s disclosure that he considers Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Cox to be mentally unstable, the war of words within the Republican Party has continued and even escalated, with both Cox and running mate Gordana Schifanelli firing back at the Republican governor.

After Cox’s initial response that “Hogan has a problem with telling the truth and mounting smear antics,” Schifanelli aimed a series of attacks at Hogan on social media.

Schifanelli retorted that Hogan is the “mentally unstable” one and that Hogan’s father is “turning in his grave” over his failure to back Cox, even going as far as to call for Hogan to be removed from the Republican Party and asking the proper label for someone who “goes to play for another team [while] still calling himself the capitan [sic] of your team,” eliciting at least three responses of “traitor,” the label Cox infamously applied to former Vice President Mike Pence on January 6th.

“The unhinged response of the Cox/Schifanelli ticket serves as further proof that they are unfit for public office,” said Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Ernest Bailey. “Dan Cox will always be defined by his dangerous agenda, his actions on January 6th, and now his running mate’s incendiary statements against Governor Larry Hogan. These words, echoing Cox’s rhetoric aimed at Vice President Pence, should trouble every Marylander.”