Cox Opposes The Kirwan Education Blueprint And Would Devastate Services Across The Board

Cox Would Defund Public Education As Governor

Oct 13, 2022

MARYLAND  —  While most of culture warrior Dan Cox’s discussion of education on the campaign trail revolves around his obsession with transgender youth, the Republican gubernatorial nominee has yet to answer for how he would make up for the funding he intends to take out of the public school system or how little funding he would allocate.

Here are the facts:

  • Cox’s agenda would threaten access to quality education in Maryland. Cox seeks to divert funding to private schools while pushing an agenda that would cut overall education funding.

  • Cox has advocated for totally eliminating Maryland’s income tax. Cox’s plan would jeopardize funding for vital services, including education. Cox has promoted this radical tax scheme as “a centerpiece of his economic vision” – even though it would be a fiscal disaster that would dismantle the state budget and lead to brutal cuts to essential services.
  • In 2021, Maryland collected just over $25 billion in total tax revenue. Cox’s proposal would cut over $12 billion from that– nearly half. About a third of the budget goes to funding health programs for Marylanders and just under a fifth funds public K-12 education and local libraries, combining to account for 48 percent of services covered under the budget. Cox’s haphazard and thoughtless proposal to cut off nearly half of all revenue collected by the state would require devastating cuts sure to impact education.

  • Cox opposes the Kirwan Education Blueprint, calling it a huge debacle of money.

  • Cox has routinely opposed education funding:

Cox Has Opposed $64.7 Billion in Education Funding


Total Education Funding


FY 2023 Budget

$800 Million

Maryland General Assembly, SB 290; Roll Call 770, 3/24/22

FY 2022 Budget

$8.9 Billion

Maryland General Assembly, HB 588; Roll Call 978, 4/2/21

FY 2021 Budget

$8.6 Billion

Maryland General Assembly, SB 190; Roll Call 956, 3/17/20

FY 2020 Budget

$8.4 Billion

Maryland General Assembly, HB 100; Roll Call 455, 3/14/19; Roll Call 923, 3/26/19

Blueprint for Maryland’s Future 2019

$38 Billion/10 Years

Maryland General Assembly, HB 1300; Roll Call 397, 3/6/20; Roll Call 9, 2/8/21


$64.7 Billion