Democrats work for everyday Marylanders, not dark money and special interests.

Maryland Democrats work for everyday families, not the well-off and well-connected.

Democrats in D.C. have delivered the Inflation Reduction Act in addition to extensive student debt relief in the last few weeks. Both legislative victories will have immense impact on lifting Maryland families and giving them a better chance at financial flexibility. Additional victories include:

  • $2 billion in economic support for MD working families, retirees, small biz
  • $1.5 billion in tax relief for retirees 65 and older under income limit
  • $195 million funding for Work Opportunity Tax Credit 
  • $115.6 million in Family Budget Booster including sales tax exemptions for diapers, car seats, baby bottle, critical health products, etc
  • $100 million to suspend MD gas tax for 30 days (avoid this unless angled correctly)


And so much more!