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The goal of the Progressive DLC is to provide a voice for progressives within the Democratic Party, and to engage progressive Democrats in working to elect Democratic leaders who will fight for justice and a livable planet.

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Janna Parker | Chair

Ms. Janna Parker, an over twenty-five-year resident of Prince George’s County,  is an advocate for America’s public school system and voter education. A former educator within the Maryland/DC area for almost a decade, Ms. Parker now spends a majority of her free time advocating for changes in local and state policies in education, particularly around the subject of the school-to-prison pipeline, as well as educating her community on how to advocate for important issues directly to their elected officials on the local, state, and national level as well as other non elected civil servants. Ms. Parker also works to educate her community on general voter consciousness within Prince George’s county- using various platforms, including social media and speaking engagements, to do so. She works as an individual with a variety of different political action groups and organizations on the local and state levels, including Progressive Maryland, the School to Prison Pipeline Pushout Coalition, and the PGCABS- Prince George’s Citizens for a Better School System, MAREE- Maryland Alliance for Racial Equity in Education,  and PGChangemakers, to name a few, to push policies, agendas, and candidates who will work to make Prince George’s county a fair, prosperous and equitable place to live in for all of its residents.

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