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Maryland Democrats are working to create a state where opportunity and prosperity are available to everyone – not the select few. We can count on them to lift everyone up across our state by:

We’re excited to make history here in Maryland in two weeks. We’re going to lead the way for the rest of the country. They’ll be able to look at us, and say ‘wow, that’s how things should be.’ Diversity, inclusion, joy. A slate of representatives that look like, and carry themselves like, the people they represent.

The other side? Well they’ve had a week, haven’t they? Video surfaced of Dan Cox – our gubernatorial opponent and the standard-bearer of Maryland’s Republican Party – accepting a gift from the Proud Boys during his Primary Night Party a few months ago. The man elected as the leader of the GOP in Maryland eagerly accepting a gift from a group that proudly spews anti-semetic, racist, and hateful rhetoric. A white nationalist group that proudly stormed the Capitol during last year’s insurrection. And Dan Cox smiles, shakes his hand, accepts the gift and asks his name. We’re not shocked, we’re not surprised. We’re disappointed … as usual. And his claim that he couldn’t hear the greeting and gift presentation from the racist insurrectionist is pathetic because he left it up on his campaign site for months. He knew exactly what he was doing.

And for an encore performance, Cox no-showed an event his campaign had been promoting without bothering to notify supporters. Sounds like a bit of … disarray.

Even the Baltimore Banner had this to say about Cox: “It’s not entirely clear what Cox’s path to victory is. His campaign has been disorganized, not responding to reporters’ questions, not publicizing the candidate’s events and pulling out from scheduled appearances.”

When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. He’s showing that he doesn’t care about Marylanders. He’s shown he doesn’t care about women’s rights. He doesn’t care about you, your family, your neighbors, or any community in Maryland other than his QAnon bubble. He only cares about making daddy Trump happy, and happily celebrating with racist hate groups. That is who he is. He’s showing you. So believe him. And on November 8th, we’ll make sure he has no chance of coming anywhere near a victory.

We don’t want to just win. We want a landslide. We want a mandate. And we’re going to earn it.

So let’s go win this week.

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