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Maryland Democrats are working to create a state where opportunity and prosperity are available to everyone – not the select few. We can count on them to lift everyone up across our state by:

Our message to Dems across the state this week has been that we’re 43 days from Election Day and our entire team – from the top of the ticket, down to our newest volunteers – is WORKING. We’re in every neighborhood, knocking on every door, talking to every Marylander. They all need to know how much we value them and want to make them proud. We leave no one behind.

We’re the party of diversity and inclusion, and we’re proud to wish everyone a healthy and happy Rosh Hashanah. Shana Tovah!

Ballots will be hitting mailboxes soon so we’re officially in crunch time. And for those Marylanders who think this race is already over because of a few poll results, we remind them that November 8 is the only poll we care about. And that polls, specifically here in MD in 2014 and 2018 have been wrong before. We take nothing for granted. And it’s a monumental election here in Maryland with a chance to vote for a barrier-breaking ticket of our first female comptroller, our first black governor, our first immigrant lieutenant governor and our first black attorney general. When voters open their ballot, the choice will be very clear. Vote for Wes, Aruna, Brooke, Anthony, and our entire ticket because voting for them is voting for hope. It’s voting for integrity. And character. Diversity and unity. A real chance to put leaders in place who will leave Maryland in a much better position for our children and grandchildren. The alternative is a QAnon flag hanging outside the Governor’s Mansion and four years of Dan Cox – that’s simply unacceptable.

Thanks to the courts, ballots will be able to be counted in a timely and efficient manner, rather than days after the election. It was an easily fixable situation and we applaud the courts for ruling on the side of the state board of elections. Mail-in ballots will now be counted starting in October as they’re received, rather than two days after the election which would’ve potentially led to a drawn out process lasting into early 2023.

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