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Democrats believe investments in education are investments in our future. That’s why they restored $68 million in school funding cut by Governor Hogan.

Even though the state has a budget surplus, Hogan is still sitting on tens of millions of dollars. His failure to release the funds caused teacher layoffs, larger classes, and reduced programming in schools.

College Affordability

Democrats fought to make college more affordable over the past eight years by freezing tuition and limiting tuition increases at Maryland’s public universities. As a result, tuition at Maryland’s public colleges went from being 7th most expensive in the nation to 26th least expensive.

To help reduce student debt, we’re:

  • Developing a program to help students with more than $20,000 in debt repay their loans.​
  • Introducing a state grant to encourage working families to invest in 529 college savings plans.​
  • Proposing a plan that will offer incentives for students to take 30 credits each year, so they can graduate on time and save money.



We’ve fought to make public universities more affordable– but students still take on too much debt to pay for school. The average debt of a college graduate in Maryland was over $27,000 last year.

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